जाड़े की दोपहर  मैं छत पर गुनगुनी धूप सरला के नर्म गालों पर थपकिया दे रही थी की उसे मीठी नींद आने लगी थी | अचानक से गली मे खेलते बच्चो की गेंद उसके पेरो से आ टकराई और उसकी नींद मे ख़लल डाल दिया | क्रोध से तमतमाई गली मे खेलते  बच्चो को पढाई करने का ताना देने  ही लगी थी की उसकी नज़र गली के कोने मे खड़े मैले कुचेले कपडे पहने  अधेड़ उम्र के आदमी पे पड़ी | वह उसकी बेटी “नन्ही” को अनवरत घूरे जा रहा था | इस नजर की हैवानियत को सरला तुरंत ही भांप गयी और अपनी नन्ही की सुरक्षा  को तड़प उठी | जल्दी से नीचे उतर कर अपनी नन्ही को ममता के आँचल मे लेकर उसने सकून की साँस ली | किन्तु वर्तमान मे हुए निर्भया और आसिफ़ा  काण्ड की खबरे उसके मन को विचलित कर गयी थी | अनिष्ठ की आशंका मात्र से  ही वो संज्ञाशून्य हो चुकी थी | एक ही विचार उसको बार बार परेशान कर रहा था |

आंखिर कब तक मे नन्ही को अपने आँचल मे समेत पाऊँगी | क्या कही भी वो सुरक्षित न रह पाएगी | इस डर के चलते क्या हम अपनी बच्चियों को घर की चार दिवारी मे कैद रखेंगे | कल को क्या होगा जब वो काम के चलते पूरे पूरे दिन घर से बाहर रहेगी | ये मानवरूपी वेह्शी दरिन्दे मेरी फूल सी नाजुक बच्ची को आखिर कब तक घूरेंगे | मै पूरी उम्र तो इसका ख्याल ना रख पाऊँगी | क्या ऐसे समाज का निर्माण करना नामुमकिन  हो चला है,  जहां औरते खुद को महफूज़ महसूस कर सके | यह कुछ सवाल मेरे ही नहीं,  आज हर एक माँ के हो सकते है | क्या ये सब इक अनुत्तरित प्रशन बन कर रह जाएँगे |

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The effects of bad communication in corporate

Effective communication is essential to the success of any business. Communication is the blood flow of a company, delivering the information to the employees.  It is required to strengthen the relationship at work. Communication starts from the leaders and flows down to the lowest level of the organisation.

As a mentor and educator, I have experienced some communication flaws in the teaching industry as well. Which in turn not only disturbs the working condition but has a huge impact on students. It is believed that a teacher should enter the class with a calm mind. Knowledge can only be transferred when a mind is calm and balanced. This can’t be achieved if the working environment is not stable in the organisation. A pedagogical leadership includes all the rules for the effective leadership in accordance with the national curriculum. Pedagogical leadership can be dialogues interpreting the objectives of the institution and focusing on teaching and learning issues.

Here in the article, some of the impact of poor communication is listed:

  • Decreased productivity: Who would like to have a lower productive employees but then again, if the instructions are not communicated properly. A condition where leader fails to instruct the actions properly to the subordinates. Eventually they loose their interest in the work and in turn it leads to decreased productivity.
  • Low Morale in employees:  Morale is measured as the satisfaction level of an employee. In a case of poor communication , there are chances that bad communication can lead to conflicts between the employees. If the number of conflicts are high at the workplace it can lead to high amount of dissatisfaction and bringing down the morale of an employee.
  • Mistakes are high:  Every action of an employee is interlinked with one another things. In this case it is poor communication. An employee morale is zilch and on top of that, he is not receiving clear orders from the leader is a messy situation. It has been proven in the Haw throne studies that chances of committing mistakes are high in the situation of messed mind.
  • Distrust:  Poor communication is the base of all kind of problems in the organisation. When the jobs are not instructed properly, it can create a environment of chaos and distrust in the leader. Subordinates starts judging the leader immediately and gradually doubt the decisions as well.  From my own personal experience it is actually a worst situation for the leader himself. Employees can always resign but leader has a bad name.
  • Increase Employee turnover:  Employee always holds high hopes from the organisation in terms of job satisfaction and good working environment.Communication can work wonders if handled properly and vice  versa. With poor communication network employee tends to start doubting his career growth staying in the organisation. He feels frustrated. It can be one major cause of increase employee turnover in the organisation. 

A great leader can turn negative situation into a positive one, but a bad leader can shut the business down. Choose your words and charisma wisely.

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