Top 5 Stress Busters!!

There has been numerous days when we feel distressed, upset and all sort of negative thought creeps in. Still there is one thing,  which can soothe you instantly.  You feel alive again.For some,  its  chocolates,  ice creams,  kayaking etc. Here is my idea of putting away stress days.

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Sketching is one of them. Here are some links for being creative.
1. DIY Paper vases and  origami-  It not only diverts your  mind but helps you in exploring the creative side also.

2. Sketching Lessons- This one has specifically worked for me. It is a great technique to express your thoughts with infinite colors.

3. Cooking as stress busters–  Those who loves to eat, it is going to work wonders for you. The aroma of spices helps you in calming your nerves and a unique sense of satisfaction is felt.

4. Use Coloring books-  It has been proved by the researchers indeed that coloring helps you in focusing your color schemes. Lot of concentration is required to fill in the gaps an in return it relieves your mind from stress.

5. Movies and Fun with friends-  Friends are the second family and no one can heal our pain in a better manner as they can. Hang out with our friends, watch some movies, play.  Explore the world guys. 

Share your ideas of relieving agony and sadness. Drop in comments. 

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I actually felt it will be lot easy to talk about the topic which is close to my heart but it turned out to be extremely difficult one to write those moments. OK for my part I want to share an experience today which broke me in pieces, shook me but again gave courage to struggle. It is a story of a girl and her parents who were forced to be a victim of dowry and her pregnant daughter was thrown out of the house because it was the female  infanticide she was living with. We always talk about the amount of pain a girl has to bear when she is the real victim of the sorrow. But the bitter fact is the pain lies equally with the family of the girl. It’s tough to watch the dry eyes of the parents looking for a better life for her daughter. It is hard to raise a hurt little girl to an independent strong mother. It is even harsh when society tries to judge you. The reason told by the society is, you are a WOMAN, unfortunately. But the best part is, in all this chaos in her life, the girl had her family who stood right beside her, a family which is going to be there in all your goods and bad. We were so closely bonded that there wasn’t a micro space of particle. That bonding, love and affection made me strong and helped me raise my voice which is not shivering anymore. Those moments taught me how to handle a broken father, an old mother, a lost sister and raise your new born niece flowering with all the love of a mother. It also taught me that revenge is a waste of energy, all you need to have is good deeds and belief that everything will fall in place.
One thing I do want to mention here before concluding that I wants culprits to be behind bars but till then I can still cherish a new life among my family, I can cherish to be more stronger than I thought I could be .

A women represents a family, a society and an unbreakable idol. Our society still might be full of dirt and black hole but it’s our duty as a woman to behold our dignity and never back down.

To everyone, I expect you to cherish this special power we all have inside to be greater than what we think we are, before someone tries to break you. We all have it in us. When things falling apart, we see ourselves becoming stronger if we just never give up.

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