Books on HRM (Human Resource Management)

As a mentor we are asked multiple times for books recommendation. To understand more on different topics under Human Resource Management, you can consider following recommendations.

Based on preference:
1. Human Resource Management, Text & Cases will be a good choice and I consider as best among options. Mostly covers all the topics for M.B.A
MRP Rs. 460 – Amazon link

2. Human Resource Management got a more concise views on same chapters. Language is simple and very clear.
MRP Rs. 530 – Amazon link

3. Human Resource Management [Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)] (June 2016 Edition) is one last suggestion. Book is quite comprehensive and popular among students.
MRP Rs. 349 – Amazon link

Let me know what’s your feedback on books and share it across to help others.


Why MBA?

MBA is the most dignified degree of our time. But somehow this thought of WHY MBA? keeps pondering over my head. In fact I used to teach MBA students and every time I questioned them why do you want to pursue this course, the answers remained same”Just to have a master degree and increase numbers in our current salary”. I was dumbstruck hearing these.

My idea of doing MBA was to build a personality of my own.A quick decision maker, analyst and a smart business woman. However this concept is now lost in books only. In practical world, it means a degree which can change your 3 figure salary to may be 6 figure salary. Students are not trained to have a personality which influences the world. They are trained to grab a best job in the market.The concept of MBA was to make a person who has the capability to work under stress and handle a group with his own intellectual ideas. He needs to be a person with a growing perspective

We need to break the prejudice of doing MBA for all the wrong reasons.Each course is designed to improve some specific skills which are inherited in you. Courses not only help you financially but done to make you a better person with an objective. As a teacher, or students we need to look into the depth of the course offerings. MBA encourages you to be a whole person with lot many qualities of leadership,decision skills etc.

Hope the course offerings will be discussed first now.Rather than just taking a degree.

Any comments will be appreciated.Keep Reading !!!!


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