Why MBA?

MBA is the most dignified degree of our time. But somehow this thought of WHY MBA? keeps pondering over my head. In fact I used to teach MBA students and every time I questioned them why do you want to pursue this course, the answers remained same”Just to have a master degree and increase numbers in our current salary”. I was dumbstruck hearing these.

My idea of doing MBA was to build a personality of my own.A quick decision maker, analyst and a smart business woman. However this concept is now lost in books only. In practical world, it means a degree which can change your 3 figure salary to may be 6 figure salary. Students are not trained to have a personality which influences the world. They are trained to grab a best job in the market.The concept of MBA was to make a person who has the capability to work under stress and handle a group with his own intellectual ideas. He needs to be a person with a growing perspective

We need to break the prejudice of doing MBA for all the wrong reasons.Each course is designed to improve some specific skills which are inherited in you. Courses not only help you financially but done to make you a better person with an objective. As a teacher, or students we need to look into the depth of the course offerings. MBA encourages you to be a whole person with lot many qualities of leadership,decision skills etc.

Hope the course offerings will be discussed first now.Rather than just taking a degree.

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Smart ways to get the job.

Six figure salary,  lavish life,  party  and what not  we dream from our first job. These dreams can be turned into reality. All you need is some efforts in the right direction. Lets start learning to be smart and diplomatic to get what you desire.


Your clothes make the first impression.Do not worry if they are not branded.Your hike in salary will get you many brands in closet.

  • For Boys:  Pick any dark color trouser and pair them with light color shirt. Do not go for Chinese collar and double pocket shirt. Jump for stripes and solid color shirts. They are never out of fashion. Yes you got to make the fashion statement. You good looks will definitely boost your confidence. Oops….Don’t forget to wear your formal shoes that too the laces one.
  • For Girls:  Sorry girls, we do have to choose this time from our closet a nice striped shirt  and ankle fitted trouser. Make sure that your trousers are in proper shape. Those who want to go for ethnic wear wear any subtle color which suits your skin color. Avoid choosing very bright color .


    Our body talks even before our mouth does .so beware and practice to control them. They speak in coordination with our emotions.Thus it is very very important to control your movements. Open palms and hands suggests you confidence and positive attitude. Whereas if you fidgeting all the time during your interviewer ,it may cause distraction to interviewer and also passes on low confidence message. An interesting part of interviewer is to read the interviewer body language too. Nodding head, leaning forward, tilting head to one direction ensures that you have made a mark .pexels-photo-288477

    Making notes:

    It is always recommended to carry a pen and paper during your interview so that you can jot down questions asked and practice them later at home.

    Small tips:

      Some add on are always there which might creates a bad impression. So make a note of them a night before the interview.

    • Carry 2 copies of you Cv’s along with documents.
    • Paste your photograph.
    • Sign your CV with date before passing it to interviewer.
    • Arrange your document folder in chronological order.
    • Reach on time scheduled.
    • Read vacancy detail .Also employers literature – Like what stream of business they are working in and how you can be useful to them.
    • Do not ever bad mouth your previous employer.It might get you in trouble.
    • Give a firm handshake to interviewer before and after the interview.

Rest you know about your achievements and  capabilities which you want to  brag.So just impress them with your skills and confidence.Do not forget to treat your friends and family once you get the job.


Wish you Luck

MBA Interview Questions

Nervous, Jitters, sweated palms, fast heartbeats….These nerves expressions are endless and everyone experiences these  right before the interview. So why not to prepare yourself with some common interview questions and bang the interview with confidence.

    1. Tell me something about yourself.
      Aahh… the most common and expected question of the interview. But to prepare for this, start with your educational qualifications in deep because this is the first step of creating an impact in the interviewer mind. This answer should be well versed and well written.Do not give him any detail which is unnecessary and you think it can create a fuss for you.The maximum limit for this answer should be 2 minutes
      Hi..I am Himanshee Singh and starting from my educational background i have completed my MBA from Pune University ……………..(Gradually you can come down to your graduation detail) and the last step will be to introduce your family and may be hometown if  you are willing to look for a job in different city.
    2. Explain your weakness.
      An employer is always interested in knowing how creative you are in manipulating your answers. Everyone has some weakness and some strengths but the art lies in presenting your weakness as strength.
      I am extremely impatient in nature . I feel frustrated if i find my team working in not the expected manner. And this leads me to start thinking about upgrading their skills and developing a training program.
    3. .How would you solve a problem with your lateral thinking.
      Employer here is interested in checking your creativity in order to measure how much you can contribute in the organisation with your innovative thinking. Lateral thinking is the ability to use your imagination to look at a problem in a fresh way and come up with a unique solution. Thus form an answer may be from your personal life also whee you have solved a problem with your innovative idea .Trust me we all have this ability and we all do something amazing in our day to day life.
    4. Describe any situation where you have depicted leadership skill.
    5. What motivates you to do good job.
    6. How do you define success.
    7. Where do you see yourself five years from now.
    8. Do you think you ca be the asset to the company.
    9. Why should/should not hire you
    10. How do you manage your time and prioritize tasks.

These are the commonly asked questions.Keep following the blog for more rigorous questions.