A real example: Right to Information Act-2005

Right to Information Act is passed by Parliament on 15th June 2005 and came fully into force on 12th October 2005. The Act is applicable in whole of the India except Jammu and Kashmir . The Act is to provide right to information for citizen of the country. It explains that there should be complete  transparency between the public authorities and the citizens. We as a citizen have a right to know about the working policies and methods of these authorities. Along with this a common person can utilize this act if any public office is not responding to his requests and applications and have a right to be heard.

Let us understand  this act by one example:

University Issues:  It is sad but truth is we do face lots of errors in marks uploading from the university . But the worst part is there is no common channel through which student issues are addressed in appropriate time.

For example- A student from MBA was a student of one university and was pursuing his course from the reputed college. When her result was declared in first semester ,she found that marks of one subject was missing and it did not evens how that she was absent in that particular exam.For correction of this error she wrote several emails and letters to the university but her marks were not uploaded till 3rd semester and neither she received any response for her letters. The result of this negligence from the public authority is been face by the student. She cannot appear for her placements because her marks sheet is not proper.Thus in order to save her future she had to travel all the way to university location from her hometown to get the correction done.

Now comes the ugly face of the public offices. The correction involved 3-4 times visit to the office . The question here is are these public offices are working properly in the favor of citizen. And if there are committees who are established for redressing requests and applications .Then why there is never response form those persons .Should we use the Right of Information Act 2005 so often ?

Interesting Fact:
1.Political parties such as Congress ,BJP, BSP, NCP etc are also covered under this act because they are working for public.We have a right to access any information from their policies and information.

2. Digital Right to Information System:  Our system has failed terribly in responding to requests digitally. Hoping, as India is going digital we wish to see our systems to respond better to applications.


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