Top 5 Stress Busters!!

There has been numerous days when we feel distressed, upset and all sort of negative thought creeps in. Still there is one thing,  which can soothe you instantly.  You feel alive again.For some,  its  chocolates,  ice creams,  kayaking etc. Here is my idea of putting away stress days.

Busy Day


A lost mind

Sketching is one of them. Here are some links for being creative.
1. DIY Paper vases and  origami-  It not only diverts your  mind but helps you in exploring the creative side also.

2. Sketching Lessons- This one has specifically worked for me. It is a great technique to express your thoughts with infinite colors.

3. Cooking as stress busters–  Those who loves to eat, it is going to work wonders for you. The aroma of spices helps you in calming your nerves and a unique sense of satisfaction is felt.

4. Use Coloring books-  It has been proved by the researchers indeed that coloring helps you in focusing your color schemes. Lot of concentration is required to fill in the gaps an in return it relieves your mind from stress.

5. Movies and Fun with friends-  Friends are the second family and no one can heal our pain in a better manner as they can. Hang out with our friends, watch some movies, play.  Explore the world guys. 

Share your ideas of relieving agony and sadness. Drop in comments. 

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Overhead Thoughts

Career is an option or ambition?
Dwindling thought for every woman.
Where “ambitious” is a compliment or criticism?
Difficult to understand the vicious thoughts.
Hurdles all over,Patience is all you seek.
Keep digging your own way,Is all you need.
Scribble your thoughts & learn to succumb despair.
Am sure, wounds will definitely be repaired.

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